What is financial dominance?

The most elitist and seemingly harmless fetish is financial domination among all existing fetishes. Men send a lot of money for just one message from their dominatrix, shower her with expensive gifts, ask her permission for any personal purchase. We tell you what a find is and how this fetish differs from a typical divorce for money.

financial dominance

What is a Findom

Financial dominance as a fetish has existed relatively recently. They began to speak and write about it widely about three years ago. However, relationships built on financial domination are far from new to our society. They have been practiced in all ages. It’s just that social networks have given them a more meaningful and complete form.

Findom suggests a relationship in which the ambient becomes the financial slave of the dominatrix. At the same time, there is no sex between them and no physical contact at all. Everything happens through communication in social networks. The dominant can give the various submissive tasks related to material matters:

  • Donate a significant amount to the first passerby she meets.

  • Transfer money to her for every word she writes in a message.

  • Ask permission for every expense, even if it’s just about buying food for herself.

Sometimes the dominatrix does not even honor the submissive with attention until he transfers enough money. On the other hand, in communication, if it nevertheless took place, she humiliates her admirer in every possible way, showing that symbiosis can get at least a word from a woman like her only for money.


The forms and conditions of financial dominance can be anything. For example, a submissive regularly sends a certain amount of money to the dominatrix, or their amount increases each time. Some men prefer to send gifts; for this, any self-respecting dominatrix has a special wish list. Naturally, the enslaved person will not receive any gratitude. His job is to pay and experience a new portion of humiliation in return.

Why do some people like spending money for nothing?

The reasons for this or that fetish can be very diverse: from violence experienced in childhood to some enjoyable experience that fixed in memory a specific context of receiving pleasure. That is why it is impossible to say unequivocally why someone is turned on by sending sums to an unknown woman and receiving a portion of humiliation in return.

However, sociologists have their assumptions. The most popular is that men tend to Findoms, who often have to control everything in life and decide for themselves. The transfer of rights to one of the essential resources for self-esteem – money – dominatrix. The need to follow her orders unquestioningly helps people take a break from their leadership roles. This does not mean that only wealthy men are prone to Findom. Dominatrixes in interviews share that among their clients, there are middle-class people or even poor students, for whom each useless financial waste brings even more torment, shame, and pleasure.

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